Slot's Game Strategy 3

500-900 euros.
Step 1. Start and Bet

This is slot game named as Super Lucky Frog. By my gambling analytic, during years, from progressive slots this casino game is profitable for players, because accumulate real cash pool for win. Here you have three options of jackpot. First, as any progressive slot, it allows playing with small bets like 0.10 coins on all lines (in total 10 Euros per round in Maxbet mode) and with an average budget. However I advise to bet a minimum of 20 Euros per round. Done by betting 0.20 coins>press Maxbet, as this way the regularity of bonus games appearing goes up. In any case, you always win 100 points in the bonus game. On average a bonus game appears once per 30 rounds.
Read more about the tactics used in bonus games in the next Step2.

Step 2. Bonus game tactics

From my observations there is an important moment, a secret, which plays a crucial role in winning the big jackpot by stopping the wheel in the necessary place. See Picture 2. Before the game starts, press the button "Feature Preview". This button gives you an opportunity to set Fortune's wheel as desired. Thus, you get into bonus game preview mode, as in Picture 3. Aim the mouse cursor at arrow 1 for this. It will spin slowly. Press the arrow again and exit the bonus game mode preview. The wheel will stop. It will be fixed in the position you have chosen. Later on when a real bonus game appears, the wheel will start spinning exactly from the position you set in advance. Because by default into bonus game wheel starts by default from Supper sector (pic 4). When you set your sector you increase your chances for win.

!Important. Into bonus game wheel starts by default from Supper sector. You can set by your choise.

When you fix a correct position, exit the bonus preview to start playing and wait for the bonus game combination to appear. As a result, the wheel in the bonus game will start spinning from the sector which has been fixed beforehand. Unfortunately, I can't remember exactly which sector should be fixed, as several variants of matching are possible. For example, when you fix the green sector - Froggy in the pointer, the blue sector - Lucky will win or when you fix Lucky one, Super Jackpot sector will win and so on. I can't remember this moment exactly. The quantity of rounds played determines the amount of bonus games played. Just return to the preview after each appearing bonus and try to fix different positions. The problem is that the pointer covers a sector's notch in some place and sometimes it is difficult to fix it accurately. That's why it's worth making several attempts.


Playing by this method, I started to play at Super Lucky Frog slot form 840 Euro and won over 69,000 euro. The bets were 20 and 50 Euro and changed during different moments of the game. In terms of the strategy, you can play progressive slots at the present casino with a small starting budget or low bets, and due to a very high probability of green and blue sector winnings (4 green sectors and 3 blue ones out of 11), you can win a big sum quite quickly. Therefore, you can provide yourself with a necessary sum for selecting the right variant of sectors to win the Super jackpot.
Also important details of this game is Scatters. When you catch 4 scatters with bet 50 euro per spin you will win 2500 euro instantly and get 20 free spins.

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