Slot's Game Strategy 2

200-500 euro.
Step 1. Start and Bet

Old version

and New slot's game version

Based on this slot strategy I recommend to play in Blood Sucker. This is the old and the most famous 3d video slot. Game engine of Blood Sucker, by my observation, generates stable high payouts winning combinations. Profitable slot for playesr. The slot is notable for allowing big money winnings quickly, but it's best to start playing with the minimal bet at 0.10 coins or 10 euro per spin and set all the lines (Maxbet mode). This is crucial. Some gambling networks allow bet in Maxbet mode 500 euro per spin. As you can see on the picture above I played with 20 and 50 euro bet per spin. It's the best slot for high-roller players. All my recommendations for playing.
The main feature of the slot is a bonus game, where you may increase your winnings instantly more than x60 times during one game. The probability of the bonus game appearing is very high. It's even logical from the casino point of view, which wants to give a greater feel of excitement to the given slot. This slot is not a progressive one and that is why the main accumulation of winnings takes place in the bonus game. Let's analyze the tactics of the bonus game in Step 2.

Step 2. Bonus game tactics

If there is a combination like the one shown in Picture above, you will get into a bonus game.

You need to guess where the hidden vampires in a coffins with the winning points. In 95 percent of bonus games there are 2 vampires of 12 that bring the large amounts of points. Usually these are 1800 and/or 4000 points. Thanks to this you may gain about 6000 points at once. If you bet 10 euro, then your winning will constitute 600 euro. So that's 60 times what you initially spent! There are also bonus games where you may get over 9000 points per bonus game. The only thing you have to do is guess which vampires have the maximum points. It is important to mention that any vampire you press first will definitely bring you gained points. The basic task is to guess two or more vampires. If the coffin is empty you exit the bonus game, but you will get the guaranteed points for any first pressed coffins. There are only 3 empty coffins with vampires out of the 12. Taking into consideration, that the first found coffin always guarantees winnings (see pic 5), you will have to make a choice between the remaining 11.

Guarantees winnings give you first coffin

Collect all coffinds and increase your profit to 6000 points

To collect all profitable coffins it's easy

In the bonus game there is one more important secret. Try not keeping the needle (cursor) in the same place, but instead move it around in a disorderly way across all the coffins and then press a coffin chosen in advance. If you aim with the needle and keep it in one place, the system can guess your choice and place an empty coffin. This is my personal observation.


As you can see, this slot is not a progressive one, but it allows getting a decent amount of points during a relatively short period of time thanks to the bonus games. Also this slot has Scatters (see pic 7), that all to get 10-20 free spin and increase your winnings x 3. In my opinion slot Blood Sucker is ideal for those who are ready to start to play from 400 euro and more. This means you start betting with a minimum of 10 euro (per round) on all lines to get fast results. If you have decided to assign 600-700 euro to the game or you have this sum thanks to your starting bet of 10 euros, you may increase the bets. For example up to 20 euro per round. Playing with larger bets, will give you a greater chance of increasing your winnings. If you have budget less than 600-700 euro, I would not recommend betting 20 euro per round, but instead continue with 10 euro per round. In my opinion, 600-700 euro is quite sufficient. This slot is also an optimal starting position for collecting points and transferring them to the slots with progressive jackpots. In the slot Blood Sucker it is rather easy to reach a fast gain of 1500-2500 euro of net winnings before moving up to the other ones with greater confidence. This is done in order to win sums of 40,000-50,000 euro and more. Now let's see some more rewarding slot playing variants.

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