Slot's Game Strategy 1

50-200 euro.
Step 1. Start and Bet

Slot know as Jackpot 6000 is high payout slot for playing with relatively small bets and it's a good starting point if you want to win in casinos. It's good solution for players how want to start to play from small game budget or if you're simply not ready to make larger bets yet. But main benefit of this slot, that it generates often winning combination and allows to win quickly to 6000 euro. Depending on your bets. It allows you to catch good money and move up to or/and increase your chances for win huge cash with larger bets slots. Such as Blood Sucker. Where max bet may be up to 100 euro per spin.

In this case I recommend start from a minimal bet 10 coins (I played with 20 coins=2 euro) and play in "Maxbet" mode (to bet all lines/combinations of the slot). As it is shown in Picture 1. Your bet will be 1 euro or 10 game points per round. Your winnings are 100 points=10 euro and so on. You may look at all winning combinations on the board (paytable).
The slot is interesting because it generates frequent appearance of winning combinations with a possibility to play bonus games. Let's go review the bonus game tactics in Step 2.

Step 2. Bonus game tactics

When you catch combinations as on pic or similar combination with another symbols you can move to play in bonus game.

As you can see, simple press on Spin button and you will be moved to Bonus game. Here you enough to catch two jokers for winning goog points. If you want to grab winnings from bonus game, press on Collect button. Or you can click Transfer and try to guess "heads or tails". And double your money. But I dont like to play in "heads or tails" and not recommend. In most cases you can lose you winning. My recommendation - collect money and continue to play and spin up to for new bonus game.


When you hit the combination shown in Picture 4, it brings you 6000 points.

This is a winning combination jackpot in the given game. Practice proves that the jackpot appears approximately every 300 rounds, if each bet is 1 Euro. That is why I advise you to use these tactics correctly and if there has not been a jackpot yet, after reaching 200-250 rounds (1 euro bet), to increase the bets 2 or more times. This will allow you to successfully progress in a game. As you can see this slot game I was talking about, allows you to win very big amounts of money as long as you use certain tactics. In this game success also depends on the time you spend on each playing session. It is possible to say that this slot is characterized by stable progressive winnings.

Apply Slot Strategy and Get Welcome Bonus
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Slot strategy 2. Start from 200-500 Euro