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Famous in the USA lotteries Powerball play incredible jackpot of $510 millions

Many US residents will participate in the next jackpot to $510 million in the Powerball lottery, where the probability of winning the jackpot is 1 to 292,2 million,
If the lucky winning ticket will buy one man, he can cash the amount of approximately $324 million.
Played the jackpot earlier stood at just over $432 million Winning numbers were 9-15-43-60-54 and 4.
One of the largest lotera Powerball is held in 44 States, and Washington (D.C.), U.S. virgin Islands and Puerto Rico. The ticket price varies $2 - $3.
Happy winner of the Powerball will be able to get the mega jackpot of over 30 years or take the money immediately, but then the payout will decrease slightly.
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Gambling like as Sex

Scientists have conducted research and found that gambling, in particular, playing in slots, is helping Improve health, improve well-being and mood.
It's incredible, but the fact that playing for money is a strong emotion and experience. At the same time, the blood circulation increases, the pulse becomes faster, the blood vessels expand.
It's like having sex. And in some cases even brings more pleasure. As a result, the body gets a good charge and shake. Improves the work of the brain. Concentrated attention. You can say that playing slots, roulette or other gambling is very useful for older people.
It also allows you to have fun. Especially lonely people. In the end, we can say that the casino brings and a positive contribution to the mood and health.

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Virtual Reality comes in Gambling

Virtual reality technologies are becoming more and more popular.
Currently in development is the project Gonzo's Quest VR based on the improved and up-to-date technology WebVR. On video below, which was provided by NetEnt, you can see that the new slot on VR technology will offer interesting features and opportunities for players.
This 360 degree survey. From the video you can see that many of the parameters of the Quest VR Gonzo games are available immediately, unlike the current online version of the slot. In the world of VR technology there are already other tactile sensations.
You are absorbed, different scenes, when Gonzo makes his way through the jungle. When the blocks fall from the sky. A parrot that highlights the winnings. This is an unusual implementation of the buttons you want to click on. Winning combinations take off and fall like a salute from the sky.
All this overturns the notion of online slot machines. Diving into the atmosphere of Gonzo's Quest VR is unlikely to leave indifferent the fans of the game.

What is the virtual reality for online casinos?
The narrowest will still need time, when the technologies will become more accessible for a wide range of casino players.
The launch of virtual reality from NetEnt is only the beginning of the introduction of WebVR in the excitement industry.
Not behind the developments and the well-known developer of online gambling MicroGaming with the project Microgaming VR Roulette.

Soon we will see many games based on VR, such as roulette, blackjack and other slot machines.
Until Gonzo's Quest VR is tested, you can play the current online web version of this game.
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Incredible Jackpot Mega Moolah. Over £9 millions

The jackpot of the famous Mega Moolah slot from Microgaming will soon reach 9 million pounds.
This is a rare level of jackpot, which occurs and is played out online casino.
Usually, on average, the Mega Moolah jackpot winning time is 12-15 weeks. However, now the slot is so warmed up that everyone, at any time, can catch up.
It should be noted that the last major win in Mega Moolah was more than £13 millions.
In addition, the game has two more Major and Mini jacks, which can be caught even faster.
If someone does not know, then there is a known fact, when the critical mass of the pool of games accumulates, then the probability of chance for winnings increases with each bet, spin.
I advise you to make several bets.
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Comedian Brand of LeoVegas

LeoVegas Johnny Vegas
The well-known Swedish online casino and gambling operator LeoVegas has signed a contract with the British comedian Johnny Vegas about conducting an advertising campaign on UK television and performing as a brand of LeoVegas. The actor's task will be to create the company's brand as the largest gambling operator for mobile platforms called "King of Mobile Casino".
It is worth mentioning that the main brand of the company is the talisman of Leo, which successfully performs its functions. Johnny Vegas is going to have a difficult task to "catch up" popularity level of his "colleague".
UK Manager of LeoVegas, Shenaly Amin, said that they are pleased to participate Johnny in the promotion of the company's brand and raise marketing activities to a new level.
It is worth noting that the company really owns a very large number of games. Spends a lot of tournaments and constantly play outs incredible jackpots at slot games, such as Mega Fortune, Hall of Gods, Joker Millions. LeoVegas's, players can receive up to £1500 of bonus. In addition to slots, the company offers bets on various sporting events.
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Hackers cheat Slot Machines

Cheat Online Slots
Wired Magazine published an article in which it is reported that a group of Russian hackers hacked slot machines of major casinos around the world. It is better to say that they found the vulnerabilities of the software of slot machines and guaranteed to receive winnings.
In 2014, employees of the Lumiere Place casino in Missouri, began to suspect that their slot machines are being manipulated, and often give out winnings. It turned out that this happens all over the world according to the same patterns.
Lumiere employees began to conduct an internal investigation. As a result, they learned that the equipment was attacked by the Australian firm Aristocrat Leisure, such gaming machines as Star Drifter or Pelican Pete.
The hacker approached the gaming machine with a smartphone and held it against the screen. Then he left and after some time came back, but at that moment the machine started issuing winning combinations.
The casino reported this case to the commission on gambling. As a result, a similar incident emerged. They identified a Russian citizen as a cracker in a slot machine.
As it turned out, he worked for a Russian company for hacking slot machines. When the law on banning gambling came into force in Russia, they bought slot machines at a cheap price and began to identify patterns. Hack the random number generator algorithm and how to anticipate the following combinations.
In 2011, Novomatic, also reported that slot machines give out big winnings.
They said that maybe someone knows the pattern by which their gaming machines work.
As a result of a more thorough study it became clear that algorithms of pseudo-random generation of numbers, rather than true random numbers, were used. So knowing the formula of the algorithm, it was possible to deceive slot machines. Using a smartphone to analyze the game combinations allowed to compare and predict the winning combinations.
Supposedly, the group earned up to $ 250,000 per week.
Over time, one of the harkens was detained. After the arrest of one of the accomplices, the hacker group increased its anonymity.
However, manufacturers are powerless to replace algorithms for generating random numbers in gaming machines and stop hacking. Since it is difficult and expensive to change equipment around the world. In modern gaming machines, a more secure data encryption algorithm is used, but with old machines such a problem remains.

Opportunity for Online Gambling Market in USA

Gambling in United States
With the passage of time in the US, the authorities are more loyal to online gambling. However, the issue is still very difficult. On the other hand, gambling revenues can help the state authorities solve a number of financial problems.
Experts and specialists from and provided a report under the name "A Billion-Dollar Opportunity for Pennsylvania" on the legalization of gambling.
According to the report and conducted research, the proceeds from the legalization of the casino, in the next 5 years, can bring to the state budget of Pennsylvania billions in revenue, and tax revenues for the country as a whole.
As a successful model of legalization and the activity of online casinos, an example was given of the state of New Jersey. The growth and turnover figures of New Jersey give confidence for optimism. In two years, the revenue of this state increased by more than 60 percent. This is more than 200 million dollars.
So by 2022 tax revenues from a casino for the state of Pennsylvania can reach more than 426 million. Looks pretty promising. Perhaps soon the US authorities will radically review the legislation in the field of gambling and completely legalize them throughout the country.
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